plumbing-permissionsMost of us are aware of the need to get planning permission for building work and alterations in our property, but did you know that you may also need to get permission for plumbing work that is carried out at your property?

The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations which are in place to keep drinking water supplies safe and healthy require that certain plumbing activities may need approval from the local water suppliers before they are carried out to ensure the work meets the requirements of the regulations.

This applies not only to the professional plumbers out there, but also businesses, homeowners, landlords and tenants all need to follow these regulations if they are themselves carrying out work.

The good news is that gaining these permissions is free and generally a very quick process, but failure to do so could result in you incurring costs if the local water supplier had to correct any mistakes, and if a contamination of the water supply has occurred as a result of any work you have carried out, you may also face a court prosecution.

The regulations are applicable to both domestic and commercial plumbing works, and are for both new and existing properties, and can be relevant to everyday work such as the installation of particular types of bidets or large baths for example.

To give you a better idea of what type of plumbing work requires permissions here are some examples: –

• New builds and new structures
• Ponds or swimming pools over 10,000 litres
• Non hand held garden watering systems
• Baths larger than 230 litres
• Bidets with an upward spray or flexible hose
• Installation of water pump or booster that delivers more than 2 litres of water per minute

For full details of the regulations see